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I haven’t written anything about our successes in our project for a long time.
So, filling the gap.

During last half a year our small kosher corporation made a huge step up:
– Now Android and iOS apps on both projects “Is it kosher?” and “Is it Gluten Free?” have common functionality.
– We added paid functions, like offline databases access and product detection by image recognition.
– Search was sped up and improved.
– We contacted producers and this helped us to improve products information – better image quality, barcodes and ingredients.
– We release “Is it kosher?” app for Windows Phone.
– Simple Luach now on iOS has the same functionality as for Android. There are serious plans on development of this project.

As for me, I :
– learned how to start a GlassFish server. I am not sure if this is the best choice, but I needed it as soon as possible and had a tutorial from JetBrains.
– won over Gradle. Now, I have a monster project, which contains Android and server application. Also not sure about best practices, but it works.
– learned and developed verification of Android and Apple stores.

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