fun: Movies as code

Google+ brought a wonderful site with really funny snippets of code to represent a movie idea. 2012 function apocalpse() { foreach($earth->population as $personIndex => $person) { if($person->gotLuck == true) { $ark[] = $person; } elseif($person->gotRidiculousLuck == true) { $earth->countries(“China”)->moveUnder($person); $ark[] = $person; } else { unset($earth->population[$personIndex]); } } } Inception int dream_level = 1; void… Continue reading fun: Movies as code

Mikmacs movie

We watched yesterday a wonderful movie “Mikmacs“. The film is just as we like it. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can imagine it, if we take another film from Jean-Pierre Jeunet “Amelie“, add some steampunk and boil it on a struggle against arms race. We watched with original sound with English subs.… Continue reading Mikmacs movie