DDMS: insufficient permissions for device

I tried to get a screen shot from Motorolla RAZR and HTC Desire on Linux Mint 12. In previous version of this OS, this operation past without any problems. But this time I got and error “DDMS: insufficient permissions for device” solution was found in the article [SOLVED] Taking screenshots of android 1. get Vendor… Continue reading DDMS: insufficient permissions for device

rsync and ssh mirroring

To make mirror copy of your directory on remote Linux/Unix box is very simple with rsync and ssh. Just run the command line: $ rsync –progress –delete -ae ssh user@remote.server:/remote/storage /local/storage Note: rsync doesn’t create missing directories, so make sure, your directory exists.

Bash script to resize images

To make sure that this script works correctly, check that ImageMagic pack is installed on your Linux machine. #! /bin/bash dir=$1 target_dir=$2 mkdir -p $target_dir list=`ls -1 $1` for i in $list do echo $i convert $dir/$i -resize 50% $target_dir/$i done Usage: ./convert_50.sh Pictures/temp/ Pictures/temp_new This will resize all images in location Pictures/temp/ for 50%… Continue reading Bash script to resize images