Twitter Bootstrap: to clear modal after loading remote data

The problem with Bootstrap modal object and remote data is, that data is not changed after loading first set. Here is a simple and wonderful solution for Bootstrap 3+ answer to the question “Twitter bootstrap remote modal shows same content everytime” $(‘body’).on(‘’, ‘.modal’, function () { $(this).removeData(‘bs.modal’); });

jQuery Mobile: dynamically add ajax data

I was looking for a method to add data to jQuery Mobile page by simultanious AJAX requests. The problem was that after adding, css was not applied to the html code. So, the solution was found and here is the code: <input type=”search” name=”search” id=”search” data-mini=”true” /> <ul id=”list” data-role=”listview” data-inset=”true” data-add-back-btn=”true” data-split-icon=”check”> </ul> and… Continue reading jQuery Mobile: dynamically add ajax data

Howto to fix height and width of prettyPhoto popup

I am using prettyPhoto for one of my projects. It is really wonderful plugin with lots of features. The only problem, which I met is that the popup window is resized according to the picture dimensions. This is pretty annoying, especially if you try to watch a big number of pictures. I solved this problem,… Continue reading Howto to fix height and width of prettyPhoto popup

положение иконки Jquery DatePicker

Я искал простой и легковесный выбор даты для одного моего проекта. Я нашел такой – jQuery date picker plug-in, разработанный Kelvin Luck ( Он полностью подходил для моего проекта, за исключением одного аспекта – иконка помещалась после текстового ввода. Чтобы стало возможным помещать его перед текстовым вводом, я изменил немного плагин. И теперь нужно просто… Continue reading положение иконки Jquery DatePicker