Skype buttons size – WTF?

I tried to place Skype button on some site and found that image has specific margin. It seemed a little strange for me, as soon as my code is the following: Then I looked into the file skypeCheck.js and found the following interesting code: this.assetMargin = (this.assetSize >= this.assetMarginMinimum) ? this.assetSize : this.assetMarginMinimum; Skype, really?!… Continue reading Skype buttons size – WTF?

Twitter Bootstrap: to clear modal after loading remote data

The problem with Bootstrap modal object and remote data is, that data is not changed after loading first set. Here is a simple and wonderful solution for Bootstrap 3+ answer to the question “Twitter bootstrap remote modal shows same content everytime” $(‘body’).on(‘’, ‘.modal’, function () { $(this).removeData(‘bs.modal’); });

Howto to fix height and width of prettyPhoto popup

I am using prettyPhoto for one of my projects. It is really wonderful plugin with lots of features. The only problem, which I met is that the popup window is resized according to the picture dimensions. This is pretty annoying, especially if you try to watch a big number of pictures. I solved this problem,… Continue reading Howto to fix height and width of prettyPhoto popup

Google maps in fancy box

I wanted to show up Google map of a certain place. Looked through various solutions and end up with the following: here is my code of the page with the trigger link to fancybox window. Click here to see map in fancybox local.js contains the following code: $(‘a.fancybox’).fancybox({ ‘titleShow’ : false, ‘transitionIn’ : ‘elastic’, ‘transitionOut’… Continue reading Google maps in fancy box

fun: Movies as code

Google+ brought a wonderful site with really funny snippets of code to represent a movie idea. 2012 function apocalpse() { foreach($earth->population as $personIndex => $person) { if($person->gotLuck == true) { $ark[] = $person; } elseif($person->gotRidiculousLuck == true) { $earth->countries(“China”)->moveUnder($person); $ark[] = $person; } else { unset($earth->population[$personIndex]); } } } Inception int dream_level = 1; void… Continue reading fun: Movies as code