Install Chrome on Linux Mint 12

After i moved to Linux Mint 12, I wanted to install Google Chrome again. Usual installation through installation manager failed. solution was found and it is pretty simple. 1. Get deb installation file of Chrome for your architecture 2. run the following command line: sudo dpkg -i yourdownloadfile.deb it will install Chrome to your machine.… Continue reading Install Chrome on Linux Mint 12

jQuery.goMap function closeInfoWindow

I continue modifications of plugin goMap. Added new function closeInfoWindow closeInfoWindow: function(marker) { var infowindow = $(this.mapId).data(marker + ‘info’); = false; infowindow.close(); }, It can be used in the following way: $.goMap.createListener({type:’marker’, marker:’admin_marker’}, ‘dragstart’, function() { $.goMap.closeInfoWindow(‘admin_marker’); }); $.goMap.createListener({type:’marker’, marker:’admin_marker’}, ‘dragend’, function() { $.goMap.setInfo(‘admin_marker’, ‘Latitude,Longitude:’+$.goMap.getBound(‘admin_marker’).toString()); google.maps.event.trigger($($.goMap.mapId).data(‘admin_marker’), ‘click’); }); In this example, drag-n-drop marker closes… Continue reading jQuery.goMap function closeInfoWindow

HTML 5 location detector or Big Brother watches you

Internet brought me an interesting site The site realization is interesting itself, but I would like to mention one really wonderful feature, used there. On the site, click on Location input box. In pop-up window, click “Detect my location” button. In Chrome, you will see the following bar message: If you click on the… Continue reading HTML 5 location detector or Big Brother watches you