android: Simple Calendar View

Following requests to share code with Calendar View implementation, I managed to compile two projects. Simple calendar view with only Gregorian Calendar – This implementation differs from this one in three main features: Implemented custom DateSlider from Codeus Progress indicator on Calendar view load dynamic week days display, instead of static image Simple calendar… Continue reading android: Simple Calendar View

Android DateSlider with Calendar View

I implemented Month/Year selection by DateSlider for Calendar View. Now on click the button with the name of selected month, there will appear a dateslider dialogue. Select month and year and calendar will be show selected month. edit the following code: find the line currentMonth.setText(dateFormatter.format(dateTemplate, _calendar.getTime())); currentMonth.setOnClickListener(this); in public void onClick(View v) function add the… Continue reading Android DateSlider with Calendar View

Custom DatePicker for Android

I don’t understand why Android SDK doesn’t provide similar sexy DatePicker widget as does HTC for their phones. I really like their skin for a DatePicker in Calendar I wanted similar for my app, but actually I found even better. People at Codeus don’t like standard DatePicker from Android also. And they created a really… Continue reading Custom DatePicker for Android