is released

I am proud to announce that site is finally released. This is only start of succesful cooperation between our team and Centrālā Laboratorija (Central Laboratory) company. This stage was full of interesting challenges and solutions. Special plugin for the site is map, which locates branches in Latvia by location and by service

How to add Like box to your app on Facebook

For some reasons, Facebook doesn’t want to fix “Like it” box so that it will be easily integrated into your Facebook application page. So, there is a workaround, which allows you to place Like box for your application into your app page. In this case I got a part of the iframed page, there… Continue reading How to add Like box to your app on Facebook is released

I am glad to announce, that site is released. More data will come soon. For now, it started working. Ilja Band designed the view of the site, and my work was to integrate my CMS to the site.