new project: Open Weather for Android

Working on weather data showing for Formula One live timing app, got an idea to aggregate as many as possible weather resources in one app. This is done for those people, who like watching several resources for the most “correct” weather data. You can try this app already. Get it from here OpenWeather.apk Or use… Continue reading new project: Open Weather for Android

jQuery.goMap function closeInfoWindow

I continue modifications of plugin goMap. Added new function closeInfoWindow closeInfoWindow: function(marker) { var infowindow = $(this.mapId).data(marker + ‘info’); = false; infowindow.close(); }, It can be used in the following way: $.goMap.createListener({type:’marker’, marker:’admin_marker’}, ‘dragstart’, function() { $.goMap.closeInfoWindow(‘admin_marker’); }); $.goMap.createListener({type:’marker’, marker:’admin_marker’}, ‘dragend’, function() { $.goMap.setInfo(‘admin_marker’, ‘Latitude,Longitude:’+$.goMap.getBound(‘admin_marker’).toString()); google.maps.event.trigger($($.goMap.mapId).data(‘admin_marker’), ‘click’); }); In this example, drag-n-drop marker closes… Continue reading jQuery.goMap function closeInfoWindow