Simple Luach: call for help


I would like to ask some of you for help.
Recently Simple Luach for Android got Russian translation and now users with Russian locale can use this app in native language.
I am looking for some other localizations.
Priority Nr 1:
1. Hebrew
2. French
3. Spanish (done)
4. Portuguese
5. German (taken)

Priority Nr 2:
any language from the supported list

Priority Nr 2 doesn’t mean, that if you will translate to Bulgarian, for example, I will not add it. I would be very proud to have my app working in your language.

What kind of localization I am looking for?
If you are familiar with Jewish and IT terminology, it is the best combination.

What can I offer for your work?
Actually, nothing material 😉 As soon as this version is distributed for free, I can offer to place your name in Credits.

How to participate?
1. Get the file strings.xml
2. Replace English words and sentences in tag value with translation to your language.

Simple Luach

In Russian will look as following:

Простой еврейский календарь

3. Send it to my e-mail

Crosspost to

Languages taken
– Spanish
– Dutch
– German


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