ROI microgrant for Gluten-Free app development

One and a half year past since I started the project “Is it kosher?” and all this time I heard suggestions to create similar app for Halal, Gluten free, Lactose free and many more type of food preferences.
And at last we in KosherDev managed to create a working app for Android and Amazon devices.
User experience is still as simple as possible. User just enters the name of the product and press Search, app will scan Gluten free authorities databases for the certifications details.
Currently the following databases are supported:
– Celiac society
– Gluten-Free Cert
– Gluten-Free Directory
– Shaer
– OU Kosher
– PCC Natural Market
Build-in database for E-additives will help to find out which E-numbers are suitable for Gluten-free diet.

Success of this project would not happen without help of our friends.
Ilya Band created app’s icon and all needed graphics for the project.
Also special thanks to Karina Krasovicka (Arbooz) and Irina Rubinchik (the Latvian Celiac Society “Life Without Gluten”) for support and help.

“Is it Gluten Free?” app is supported on 6850 Android and all Amazon devices, including the latest Amazon FirePhone. User database is growing pretty fast and this happens also due to our experience earned on promotion of “Is it kosher?” project. So, one of our twits was retwitted by Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves ( and this attracted a lot of attention to our project.

ROI Community microgrant played a significant role in this project. It helped us to make this release much faster, than we could manage at this moment. Microgrant became powerful push for “Is it Gluten Free?” project and the results we’ll see in the nearest future.
I consider this is a very important step for our startup KosherDev particularly and all Jewish software development in general. This is the exact way we consider term Tikun Olam. Jewish world produces a lot of innovative and really useful software for inner use. KosherDev made an important step forward to bring our talents to outer world and we see, that we succeeded already. And we proud, that ROI community played significant role in this success.

Download “Is it Gluten Free?” app for your device:
– Android –
– Amazon –

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