Рав Шохет об Эстонии.

Mill Hill Shul — Rabbi’s Blog:

Upon arrival in Estonia as a sort of pre-Chanukah meeting with government officials and to deliver a talk to the Jewish community, I anticipated — as one does in Eastern European countries — a modest synagogue, a somewhat neglected school building and wondered whether I was going to go mostly hungry over the two days. So to say I was bowled over by the enormous four story community building — housing a state of the art school, a synagogue that makes many UK Synagogues look more like barns, and even a modern restaurant frequented by patrons every day — would be an understatement.

Who could have imagined such a small community in such a small country could have such a magnificent infrastructure.

Как сказала моя жена: «на бы тут с наше пожил».

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