qmail multiple domains support

Some time ago I wrote an article about qmail e-mail accounts setting.
Since that time I needed to specify multiple domains with same e-mail names, like:
– info@examle.com to deliver mails to info_example user
– info@example1.com to deliver mails to info_example1 user
– test@example.com to deliver mails to test_example user

This article describes how to set up such environment greatly.

Here is short explanation how to do it.
Add following lines to /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains


Add the following files to /var/qmail/alias/
.qmail-example-info with entry line info_example
.qmail-example1-info with entry line info_example1
.qmail-example-test with entry line test_example

restart qmail and it should work.

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