Jewish Madeira

All my friends know, that we are trying to catch at least some part of the history of the place, we are coming, which is connected with Jewish life. So, Madeira was not an exclusion.

Google Vision Image recognition for Android

Recently Google announced new API for image recognition. It is one the most exiting solutions from Google and prices are quite affordable. So, I decided to switch from CamFind API to Google’s, because the last one is much more efficient and faster. Camfind worked quite well, but it took time for upload of image and… Continue reading Google Vision Image recognition for Android

Skype buttons size – WTF?

I tried to place Skype button on some site and found that image has specific margin. It seemed a little strange for me, as soon as my code is the following: Then I looked into the file skypeCheck.js and found the following interesting code: this.assetMargin = (this.assetSize >= this.assetMarginMinimum) ? this.assetSize : this.assetMarginMinimum; Skype, really?!… Continue reading Skype buttons size – WTF?