Nordea banklink to get proper responce

I implemented Nordea banklink mechanism as described in Nordea banklink (pangalink) specifics.
But it turned out, that bank doesn’t return proper set of data after payment is successful. Actually, there is nothing returned.

In order to get information from bank you should specify the following option:

or as it was shown in previous example as one line to php code:

$VK_a_nordea['SOLOPMT_CONFIRM'] = "YES";

if value is empty or “NOT”, then GET data will be empty from bank.


  1. Hi, Moishe! I have created a website to test different bank links – (unfortunately the site is currently only in estonian). This site generates testing certificates for different banks and acts as a banklink endpoint, simulating the exact behavior of selected bank. Anyhow, I was aware of this kind of behavior by Nordea e-bank, so I made SOLOPMT_CONFIRM=YES mandatory on my site or an error will be thrown – this way it is hard to miss it.

  2. Andris,
    I have reviewed your site – nice idea. True, it should have translation to English as well. As I see from visitors to my blog, there are a lot of people from Latvia, Lithuania and even some Easter European countries, who a looking for pangalink implementation.

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