KosherDev goes to Kosherfest

Kosherdev is a small social start-up, which is fully developed in Estonia. Even though many people know where Estonia and how it is famous for some really cool start-ups (e.g. Skype, Trasferwise and Zeroturnaround), it is not that easy so make connections with partner organizations from all over the world.
We are using any possibility to tell the world about us. One of such possibilities is to go to Jewish events, like KosherFest (the biggest kosher products exhibition in the world).
KosherFest is a wonderful possibility to reach out kosher authorities, producers and distributors. This would give a serious push for our project “Is it kosher?” and at some point to “Is it Gluten Free?” (project to help people with gluten intolerance to find proper food in ordinary shops).
Now, it is about a week since I came back from New York and I can say, that this trip was full of interesting meetings and new promising contacts.
Besides of 2 days on KosherFest, I managed to make a lecture for orthodox developer meet-up in lower Manhattan – FrumDevs community. My lecture was about Mobile Image Recognition. Incredible experience, interesting people. Seems like I broke a belief that there is no Jewish life in Eastern Europe.

ROI micro grant became a great help for such opportunity. I needed only to apply for support and my request was approved. So, now I have a full pocket of business cards, a lot of interesting memories and wonderful experience.

Here are some of images from the event.

And here is the brochure we created specially for Kosherfest event.
KosherDev borochure for Kosherfest

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