jQuery.goMap function closeInfoWindow

I continue modifications of plugin goMap. Added new function closeInfoWindow

closeInfoWindow: function(marker) {
                        var infowindow = $(this.mapId).data(marker + 'info');
                        infowindow.show = false;

It can be used in the following way:

$.goMap.createListener({type:'marker', marker:'admin_marker'}, 'dragstart', function() {

        $.goMap.createListener({type:'marker', marker:'admin_marker'}, 'dragend', function() { 
'+$.goMap.getBound('admin_marker').toString()); google.maps.event.trigger($($.goMap.mapId).data('admin_marker'), 'click'); });

In this example, drag-n-drop marker closes InfoWindow on drag start and opens it again on drag end. In live you can see it here.

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