It is never late to study marketing

So, I decided to find out how this all working.

Do everybody know already that we are crowdfunding for our project development on Indiegogo? If there is somebody who is not aware of our project, I am not quilty – now you know.
Everything seems going right, but something is still wrong as soon as we haven’t received as much as we wanted (yes, we want much more than it is now).

Seems like we are doing everything right, but still it doesn’t work as expected. At this moment you should understand, that I am looking for professional marketing help. We will thank you very much, mainly in non-financial way ;). We’ll present our wonderful perks and also the best chance to play in our sandbox.

First I will describe what we did, so not to repeat it twice.

  • All our apps got a banner, which calls to support our project. It attracted some visitors to our campaign page, but only 2-3 people brought money. Here is analytic for last 2 months Analytics Indiegogo Data All Traffic 20140601-20140807. AS you see direct visit lead pretty much.
  • Last two days break through is connected with our ads in Facebook for two countries – USA and UK with segmentation for age 20+ and interests “Orthodox Judaism” and “Kosher foods”. Advertisements itself here. One and a half hundred of likes and 30 shares speak for themselves. About 600 people clicked the link. So, I can conclude that people like the project, but still do not contribute. Number of likes on our page grew for 130 in 2 days, which is pretty representative stats.
  • Our Twitter is working hard, but the traffic is also low.
  • I posted in various Jewish communities and groups on Facebook? result is the same – lot of like, little money. Good people with lot of connections also shared our campaign and result is similar.
  • Personal contacts bring a lot. So, my post about birthday wish (BTW my proposal is still active for those who want to present me something on my BD) I WANT MY BIRTHDAY EARLIER THIS YEAR brought pretty many contributions.
  • We’ve got a nice video. Many people like it, but it didn’t became viral.

I think I told about not all our steps, but the most significant ones. And the question to specialist: “Doctor, what am I doing wrong?” you can speak with me in scientific terms – I learned the word “conversion”.
I am trying to understand what we are doing wrong. In future it will help us to promote our product better.

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