Is it kosher? Indiegogo: just a little time left

Less than 10 days left till the end of our campaign on Indigogo.
We haven’t raised even the 5th part of what we wanted to work safely a year for this project, but everything might change and I do believe it.

I will stop being annoying in Facebook, Twitter and many more places. So, please keep patient a little bit.

But I am satisfied with results already. I learned how to use Twitter, for example. It turned out to be a powerful instrument and it is worth to be used for announcing your project aloud. And I understood, that you can poke anyone and this person might even help you somehow. So happened with the president of Estonia, retwitted about our project. Thanks for attention to our small input for placing Estonia on kosher map.

Special thanks goes to the USA ambassador Jeffrey Levine for a wonderful time he agreed to spend with us and really useful advises. Thanks to Stefan Oscar (JDC) for moral and informational support. I cannot skip mentioning our the most chiefly Chief Rabbi of Estonia – Shmuel Kot for everything he did for our project.
I want to thank everybody very much. I will release a separate list of those, who supported our project and agreed to be mentioned by name. But there are some people too shy – thanks anyway. 🙂

All the rest still have a chance to support our project. Detailed instructions are here INDIEGOGO: HOW TO BACK CAMPAIGNS (INSTRUCTION)

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