“Is it Gluten Free?” app deep look

This app will help you to choose Gluten free products and drinks in any shop. Find all the possible products allowed from the point of view of GF dietary laws.

Just enter the name of the product and press Search, app will scan Gluten free authorities databases for the certifications details.
Currently the following databases are supported:
– Celiac society www.celiacsociety.com
– Gluten-Free Cert www.glutenfreecert.com
– Gluten-Free Directory www.glutenfreeresourcedirectory.com
– Shaer www.schaer.com
– OU Kosher oukosher.org
– PCC Natural Market www.pccnaturalmarkets.com

Some screenshots from Android device

Here are some from Amazon FirePhone

you can get your own version on Google Play.

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