Indiegogo: how to back campaigns (instruction)

Our campaign “Is it kosher?” on Indiegogo was started about a month ago. We’ve got some contributions and it is pleasant.
We are working hard to attract visitors to our page and I see in Google analytics , that the majority is coming from mobile devices.
As soon as Indiegogo site on mobile devices looks different from desktop borwsers’ version, I thought it would be worth to describe the whole process of backing the campaigns.

Main page

indiegogo mobileindiegogo desktop Here is our page on Indiegogo – mobile and desktop versions. As you see on screenshots – there a button Contribute everywhere. Description is hidden on mobile version and to be able to read it, you should press the link “READ STORY”.

Campaign description

2014-07-10 04.21.32indiegogo_desktop1 After clicking “READ STORY” button, you will be able to read what we wanted to tell you about our project and what for we need the money. If you are using desktop browser, then just scroll down to get full pleasure from our text.

Select a perk

2014-07-10 04.14.34indiegogo_perks_desktop1 We were thinking hard how to thank those, who will support our project and we’ve got some ideas for the perks, like fridge magnet, shopping bag, T-shirk and just “Thank you”. We are full of ideas, follow us to get aware of new perks. So, on this page you can select proper perk for you.

2014-07-10 04.14.46indiegogo_perks_desktop In mobile site you need to touch panel with perk to be able to read description and open the button for selection. In desktop version, just click the favourite perk.

Payment possibilities

2014-07-10 04.15.09indiegogo_payments_desktop1 You can support our project by two means – pay with credit card or using PayPal. Indiegogo guarantees your payments security, so don’t be worry on this aspect.

Everything looks so simple. There are lot of interesting project on Indiegogo, which are worth to be supported. Our project “Is it kosher?” is so wonderful, that you should run right now to support it.

Прочитать по-русски Indiegogo: как поддерживать проекты (инструкция)


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