I want my birthday earlier this year

Every year in the end of August, I have just the same problem.I need to decide what I should get for my birthday. It is really tough task for me to find out what I need in my life. I’ve got everything I need. If I lack something, it is unneeded extra stuff.

This year, I definitely know what I want. But I want it much earlier, than my birthday comes.
I was born on 31st of August, 1977. Following Jewish calendar it is – 17th of Elul and this year it will be on 12th of September.

I know the present I want this year and I need it not later than 8th of August.
Dear friends, colleagues, relatives and just good people,
Let’s support my favourite project “Is it kosher?” on Indiegogo and it will be the best present for my 37.

It is enough for me if everyone will give a dollar, but won’t refuse from a higher amount of money. All what you need is to open the page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/is-it-kosher, press button “Contribute Now” and select the way you want support – credit card or Paypal. Read more INDIEGOGO: HOW TO BACK CAMPAIGNS (INSTRUCTION)

Thank you in advance for support, kind words or just congratulations.

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