Howto to fix height and width of prettyPhoto popup

I am using prettyPhoto for one of my projects.
It is really wonderful plugin with lots of features.

The only problem, which I met is that the popup window is resized according to the picture dimensions. This is pretty annoying, especially if you try to watch a big number of pictures.

I solved this problem, changing the code in jquery.prettyPhoto.js file:
find the line 265 and change to the following:

pp_dimensions = _fitToViewport((windowWidth*0.8),(windowHeight*0.8)); /*[MB] this modification is made to fix the height and width of the popup window.*/
/*[MB] this is how it looked before modifications*/ //pp_dimensions = _fitToViewport(imgPreloader.width,imgPreloader.height);

Now your main window will be always 80% from height and width of your screen.

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