How to copy files to Samsung Galaxy II tab from Linux via USB

I got so used to simple friendship of Linux and Android powered devices in my home, that I was pretty shocked, that Samsung Galaxy II Tab doesn’t allow me simply to copy files to the device.
But after some investigation I found that it is not only Samsung’s problem. Samsung Galaxy II tab uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for uploading files from computer via USB. Seems that on Windows machines this function works well. But Linux has a bug in libmtp, which causes the problems on transferring files via simple drag-n-drop in Explorer.

I found another way to get files to my Samsung tab.
1. get Android SDK for Linux from here
2. Unpack it to your location
Note: if you have already downloaded Android SDK before, check that the version of SDK tools is latest.
3. turn on Debug mode in your Samsung tab

4. run the command

[your location]/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/ddms

you will see the following window

4. Click in menu Device -> File Explorer
you will see the following window

Here you drag-n-drop your files to any location on your Samsun Galaxy II tab.


  1. Sounds Great!

    I shall try it now, but want to know ( before i start) about revers ? Can i load files from :imux on to Samsung ??

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