How I became wizpert?

I studied in Daugavpils University for a teacher of English and the History of World Culture. There was a short period, when I worked in school as a teacher. Truly speaking, I didn’t like it at all, although I was pretty good in teaching (as my mentors used to say). At the same time I worked in the field of informal youth education – this was much more interesting.
I like public lectures on specific topics. Topics can be technical, religious, cultural or all together – more about my lectures and publications can be found in category Publications and Lectures

Recently, I met a service called Wizpert. It is mechanism, which allows people to ask questions in various themes from experts. I registered as an expert in Android, HTML/CSS and some other topics just to try how it is working. I helped two people to find out how to do their tasks better and I feel like I learned also from this a lot.

I consider the best way to study something is to do some task or to teach somebody. Wizpert gives both of these opportunities.

Feel free to ask something from me. If I don’t know the answer, maybe we’ll find it together.

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