Formula One strikes back

Last year, Formula One Inc. cleaned up the market from any apps, violating copyright rules. I wrote about it last year “Big Formula 1 clean-up“.
In 2012 everything was done without any previous announcements or proposals to solve the problems somehow.

This year situation repeats again and much earlier. Also difference is, that I got a notification from App Removal department.
I consider, that the only issue in my app is using word “F1”. If this is the only issue, I will fix it and publish app with other name.

Here is the letter from App removal department:
Google Play has received a trademark complaint regarding your app, Open F1 Live (package ID: lv.beshkin.fone), the details of which may be found at the end of this message. We have attached a copy of the original notice we received for your reference.
We encourage you to resolve this matter with the complainant directly. If you are unable to resolve this issue with the complainant, we may need to remove your app from Google Play. If you have any further concerns about this issue, please address them directly to the complainant in the Trademark Infringement Notice provided.
The Google Play Team
Text copy of the complaint:
AutoDetectedBrowser: Google Chrome
AutoDetectedOS: Windows 7
IIILanguage: en
IssueType: lr_trademark

Language: en

address: PO BOX 68506

SW15 9DT


agree1: checked

android_app_developer_10: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_11: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_12: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_13: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_14: Local Hotel Search

android_app_developer_15: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_16: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_17: Local Hotel Search Engine


android_app_developer_19: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_1: Open F1

android_app_developer_2: STATS LLC

android_app_developer_3: Pram Baharsyah

android_app_developer_4: Mohammed.Zarqa

android_app_developer_5: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_6: Local Hotel Search Engine

android_app_developer_7: DLB-Network

android_app_developer_8: SENSADIGIT

android_app_developer_9: Koldo Duarte

android_app_name_10: StayWhere at F1 Canadian GP

android_app_name_11: StayWhere at F1 Chinese GP

android_app_name_12: StayWhere at F1 Monaco GP

android_app_name_13: StayWhere at F1 German GP

android_app_name_14: StayWhere at F1 Belgian GP

android_app_name_15: StayWhere at F1 British GP

android_app_name_16: StayWhere at F1 Japanese GP

android_app_name_17: StayWhere at F1 Italian GP

android_app_name_18: F1™ Race Technology

android_app_name_19: StayWhere at F1 Korean GP

android_app_name_1: Open F1 Live

android_app_name_2: STATS LLC

android_app_name_3: F1 Latest Free

android_app_name_4: F1 2013 Wallpaper HD

android_app_name_5: StayWhere at F1 European GP

android_app_name_6: StayWhere at F1 Singaporean GP

android_app_name_7: F1™ 2013 News And Info

android_app_name_8: DashMeterPRO for F1/RBR

android_app_name_9: Calendario F1




















companyname: NetResult Solutions Limited

country_residence: GB

form: trademark_complaint

full_name: Andrew Willatt


hidden_product: googleplay

origin: helpcenter

phone: +44 (0)2082464120

signature: Andrew Willatt

signature_date_day: 23

signature_date_month: 4

signature_date_year: 2013

tm_good_faith: checked

tm_infringement_explanation: Formula One World Championship Limited

("FOWC") has the exclusive right to commercially exploit the FIA Formula

One World Championship ("the Championship") including, but not limited to,

all (a) moving images and other audio/video content (b) results and timing

data; (c) trade mark applications and registrations throughout the world

relating to the Championship, and owned by FOWC’s associated company,

Formula One Licensing BV ("FOL"), including, without limitation, the trade

marks, F1, FORMULA 1 and official logos; and (d) all copyright and other

intellectual property rights in the same (“F1 Intellectual Property”).

We have noticed that these Apps are displaying and/or offering:

The F1 logo and/or the F1 FORMULA 1 logo and/or the FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD

CHAMPIONSHIP logo. Copyright in the logo(s) is vested in FOL and, in

addition, the logo is/are protected by way of numerous trade mark

registrations throughout the world.

Variations of "F1" and/or "FORMULA 1", used as a trade mark in the App

banner/title. Trademark rights in F1, FORMULA 1 and variations are vested

in FOL by way of numerous trade mark registrations throughout the world.

As these Developers have neither sought nor obtained a licence or

permission from FOWC or FOL to use any F1 Intellectual Property, your

present use is an infringement of FOWC's and FOL's rights.

tm_location_and_number: Worldwide


tm_swear: checked

tm_work: F1 wordmark

your_title: Mr


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