Facebook: Recommend button counts not recommendations but any kind of activity on the link.

Recently I wondered, how the recommendation buttons works.
So, here is an example:
The post has 15 recommendations. Following the explanation in “How does Facebook count “Likes” for pages that don’t have a Like button?” is should count in the following cases:

  • Someone who posted the link (whether it’s actually a post or just pasting the link into a status).
  • Someone who liked a post that contained the link.
  • Someone who commented on a post that contained the link.
  • Someone who like the post using the like button.
  • Someone who sent the link in a private message.

At this point everything is clear and logic.
In the case of my post, it was commented by two people and liked by one. But in total it was counted as 15 recommendations. So, it counts not accordingly person-activity, but simply every activity.
As a hack, I can suggest – post your article to Facebook and add some comments from your account. It will count every comment as a separate recommendation.

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