Ecclestone vs Beshkin: chronicle of defence

f1_512x512 Last year my app for Formula One live timing was banned without any warning.
This year, I got a warning from Google Play.

In short words, the problem is that app uses word “F1” and own live timing display.
I contacted the lawyer, who represents the interest of Formula One.
Got an answer, that my app breaks the two rules, I told before.
First point is already done. Second one in the process of decision.

some of my competitors were less lucky. For example, app by Kishor Gandham was banned without any warnings.

Talking about copyright for F1, this funny case happened last year. Here you can read about court decision on the case EU High Court Jump-Starts Formula One Trademark Row. Interesting also, that company tried to copyright F1 in 2007, but failed then.

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