e-Commerce problem converting from Singapore dollar to Indonesian rupiah

Leif Moldskred noted an issue with conversion from Singapore dollar to Indonesian rupiah.
Actual currency rate is 1 SGD = 7 234.11927 IDR.
The problem was that e-Commerce native function returns rate 1 SGD = 7 IDR.
I investigated that issue and found that the problem appears due to the space after number 7.

I solved this issue, implenting Google conversion function in e-Commernce multi-currency support plugin. New feature is available in version 0.5.2.

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  1. Has found two issues – it is listing currencies as GBPGBP or AUDAUD. Its does not seem to want to show USD at the moment either…

    Second issue that is is not currently converting accurately. i’ve tried reinstalling and GBP-HKD is coming up as £14 = 7 HKD rather than 700HKD and books in £s are coming up as 60 HK cents! Euro are converting the wrong way around so £14 is 11 EUR. no idea how to fix this one myself so please help!

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