e-Commerce multi-currency support 0.4.3

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Owen Phillips, a developer of planetxireland.com, asking about a small issue with the plugin – it doesn’t understand currency symbols.
I should admit, that it was my fault – I tested it only with currencies abbreviations, like LVL, RUR, etc.
Symbols, like $ and € were not replaced.

So, I made a small fix and version 0.4.3 is release with support of currencies’ symbols.

Grab it from here or in your plugin manager.


  1. Hi,

    Currency symbols are actually changing depending on what country is chosen, but the $ sign is not replaced.
    When you live in a country using “Dollar” whether it is Singapore dollar or US dollar the sign is automatically set to $ and not replaced when another country is chosen.

    What to do?



  2. Leif,
    I found a small bug in my code. I made a fix and you can try version 0.4.4
    Tell me if it worked for you.

  3. Oops!
    I have not checked all global currencies, but as I had a response from Indonesia on some items I became aware of the fact that Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) was lower by a factor of 1,000.
    That is, 1 SGD became 7 IDR when in fact it should have been 1 SGD = 7,000 IDR.



  4. Leif,
    it is pretty interesting issue. I will investigate it and as soon as I will understand where is the problem, I will issue a fixed version.

  5. Leif,
    I found where the problem was. Actually, it is a little bit incorrect work of native function in e-Commerce, which should convert SGD to IDR. I will write an explanatory post soon.
    Try version 0.5. There are some significant changes. I added Google conversion mechanism it can be set in Advanced options.

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