DevConfu May, 2014: truly fun and useful conference for developers

DevConFu presentation slide 1024x768-partnersJust less than a week ago, I participated in the conference DevConfu II in Jurmala, Latvia.
It was the second conference, the first one was in November last year. I participated in both of them. First time I was speaking about my experience with Formula 1 real-time app for Android.
This time I spoke about A.C.T.H.U.L.H.U – automation tool, we use in Creative mobile for testing our app on many Android devices at once.
Here is my presentation

Some words about the conference. It was good for the first time, when it happened in November, 2013. But this time the level grew much higher and if it will go the same in future, DevConfu risks to become the most interesting event in the life of Baltic development. It is not only my opinion. I met lot of people I knew from the first DevConfu and all them agreed with this valuation.

Those, who haven’t seen the video which we prepared in CM for the conference, here we go

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