Dell Studio 1555 keyboard stops working

Yesterday, my wife called in slight panic – home laptop Dell Studio 1555 keyboard suddenly stopped working.
This is pretty unpleasant, because I use this computer for developing my projects.

Googling brought me a solution in the second search result “dell studio 1555 keyboard not working“.
It sounds funny, but actually it works:

You need to shut down your Studio 15 laptop. Unplug power cord and take out the battery. Then hold down the Power on button for approx 30 secs. Once done replace the battery and power cord and start up as normal. The problem should now be solved.

This actually worked for me as described.


  1. This worked beautifully for me as well…thank you so much for sharing this 😀 I was on the verge of total meltdown! Lol

  2. I had the same issue. I thought there was a virus. Fully checked the machine, all fine. I thought it was a patch, still unsuccessful, I did a Dell hardware check, all fine, keyboard drivers were okay. So I have spent 2-3 hours on this. Then I browsed the web on my old desktop and found this. Would have never had thought of this in a million years. Thought I was going to have to buy a new laptop…..and mysteriously this works beautifully. I am absolutely overjoyed and over the moon..think I will have a few beers now to celebrate…..fantastic news…

  3. I had this issue (and thought that the keyboard must finally have given up as my 3 yr old puked on it months ago) but tried the solution anyway. It worked great and my keyboard is working once again. I only wonder how anyone thought of trying this method in the first place.

  4. I had this issue (and thought the keyboard had finally died since my 3 yr old puked on it months ago). I tried the solution anyway and it worked! I only wonder how anyone thought of this method in the first place.

  5. I spent all day thinking I had locked my keyboard up and just frustrated, I called dell to help me but said I had to pay a 129.99$ upgrade warranty and of course we tried everything. I stumbled onto this site and did exactly as said and voila!!! I works again!! TY!

  6. Wow. This worked like a charm. For past two hrs I am trying all sorts of things. Just googled in mu iPad and found this as second link. What could be reason? Thank u very much

  7. Spasiiiiiiiiiibo tebe ogromnoe!!! ne znaju 4to bi ja bez etogo delala… uzhe 4ij denj s uma shodila bez klaviaturi… Spasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibo 🙂

  8. ..Sup ?

    Actually my significant other/s Dell Studio 17 inch notebook suddenly had no responding keyboard. The key illumination worked sporadically but she could not even log in (with password) after I told her to try a full power down and restart.

    I searched using my HP notebook and found this and it worked and all is well.

    Thanks for this site and for Google.

  9. I’ve tried several other techniques that dell offered with no luck…YOURS saved the day!!! Thanks so much!!! 🙂

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