Social work

Name, Surname: Mihail Beshkin
Birth date: 31-08-1977
Cityzenship: Latvia
Place of living: Tondiraba 3-62, Tallinn, Estonia
Contact: phone Nr. +37253454663

Social work experience:
2000 march – november. Leader and organizer of the Long Term Training Cource „Democracy through Studying”, supported by Council of Europe. The Cource was dedicated to training leaders of youth social organizations in the Former Soviet Union Countries. Riga, Latvija – Kishinev, Moldova.

1999 – 2000. A head of Youth department of Jewish Agensy for Israel (Sohnut) in Baltic states. Youth activities (camps, seminars, forums etc) organization, and leading youth groups during these activities.

1997 – 2004. A head of Board in social organization Daugavpils Youth Developement Centre. The aims of Center were to develop tolerance, Human rights issues awareness and self-esteem among young people living in Daugavpils and Latgale region. Among the Centre’s activities there were several seminars and camps on Human and Children rights issues, conducted by Centre, or in cooperation with other social organizations.

Social education:
1999 march – november. Participation in Long Term Training Cource „Participationa and Citizenship”, organized by Council of Europe. Budapest, Hungary – Strasbourg, France.

1998 december – 1999 october. Long Term Training Cource for Jewish Youth Leaders, organized by Jewish Agency for Israel (Sohnut). Minsk, Beloruss – Moscow, Russia – Ierusalim, Israel.

1994 – 1999 Daugavpils Pedagogical Univercity. Humanitarian Faculty. Speciality – a teacher of English and History of World Culture. Daugavpils, Latvia.

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