Custom DatePicker for Android

I don’t understand why Android SDK doesn’t provide similar sexy DatePicker widget as does HTC for their phones.
I really like their skin for a DatePicker in Calendar

I wanted similar for my app, but actually I found even better. People at Codeus don’t like standard DatePicker from Android also. And they created a really nice one DateSlider – An Alternative to the DatePicker for Android
I integrated it to my app and look what it looks like.


  1. Hi Moishe,

    Thanks for using the DateSlider app!

    Alex from Codeus

    P.s. Your Facebook like-button doesn’t seem to work!

  2. You have done a great job.
    I started working on adopting your DatePicker to Jewish Calendar. Not easy task, but very interesting.

    Button is working now – just corrected the domain settings on FB.

  3. Daniel,
    I tried the latest version – really looks great and much faster, than previous version.
    But I think that it is a little bit harder to implement Jewish Calendar to DateSlider.
    Do you mind, if I will write you an e-mail about specific aspects on Jewish Calendar implementation? I would be really glad to get your help

  4. Moishe,
    Did you success to adopting the DatePicker to Jewish Calendar?
    I will be happy to see this.
    I wont to use it in my app: Tefila Times.

  5. Unfortunately, had no time since that tread. I tried for a while, but gave up for other urgent tasks.
    I have a long TODO list and it is growing pretty fast 😉

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