Chrome on Linux Mint 12 installation grows

Some time ago I wrote a post about hint how to install Google Chrome on Linux Mint 12
It attracts more and more visitors every day.
And seems like this weekend it hits the top of visitors.

This is pretty fun situation and the source of this seems to be in upcoming long holidays – people got time to upgrade their OS’s.


  1. I’m not entirely sure why, but installing chrome is not easy on Mint 12. It’s been removed the software list, gdebi sees it as “corrupt” (At least on my machine)
    There seems to be a little bad blood between google and the mint team but I hope they’re not deliberately making it difficult for us. My loyalty to Google is way stronger then it is for Mint and I shouldn’t have to choose.

  2. Mint 11 had no such problem. Seems migration to new kernel and Gnome led to such problem. Google is pretty slow on such aspects and they will not release updated build till full approval.

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