Big Formula 1 clean-up

Users of Open Formula One mentioned already, that the app was banned on Google play.
Seems, I am not alone in this procedure. During last week, lot of sites, which provided simple lightweight solutions for getting live timing for Formula 1 races were closed.
Even Google search on request “Formula 1 on Android” contains links to official apps.
At the same time, official app F1 2012 Timing Demo was renamed to Basic and got in-app purchase possibilities for additional options, like live timing, time on sectors etc.
Nice business, Mr. Ecclestone.
First, you give no choice to your customers, providing app with bunch of unneeded features for a really huge amount of money.
Then you realize, that nobody buys that crap. Those who buy, rate it 3.5 maximum. And you remove all competing free sources from web and releasing even bigger crap, than before.

I am not such a big businessman as you are, but I have some understanding how the things are working.
Get my advice for free.
1. Make a simple data API for the data on the
2. set the fee for using this API.
3. get millions of working solutions from various developers.

Let’s count together. I saw about 100 of hacker’s formula 1 live racing solutions.
If it would be easier to access the data, there would be much higher number of people, who want to make a simple, lightweight app, webpage etc. with live formula 1.
I bet most of these programs would be several times better, that currently offered by Soft Pauer and

P.S. I don’t believe, that some one from Formula1 Inc. will ever see this letter.
I make Open Formula 1 app for Android only for two purposes:
1. To give a possibility for my wife to follow the race, when she is out of computer access.
2. Learn something new.
I fulfilled both tasks for 1000%.

So, next year I plan to issue official fully functional app to beat Formula 1 Inc. in honest competition.


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