Backpack for a kosher developer

All my backpack ended their life not that good. In most cases they were old-aged grannies. No one of them, I desired to buy so badly. Maybe because none of them I bought myself. they came to my life as a present from the companies, I worked for, or as a the strongest one – a brand-new Dell bought by my wife in a second-hand shop. I will not photo him – let his soul rest in peace.
Once upon a time, I saw it and immediately fell in love.

North Face Access Pack – get acquainted with my new pack.
I don’t have so many requirements for a good backpack, here they are:
– my religious stuff should be places properly in a separate section.
– enough space for a laptop. I have 14″ Lenovo T440, so no problems expected.
– backpack straps should be connected with each other. It comes from my experience – it is much easier to handle a backpack.
Actually, that’s it.
And so I met the packpack of my dreams. It not only satisfies my highest expectations and requirements, but provides the best solutions for security. It is really not that easy to open backpack without owner’s awareness.

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