app “Is it Kosher?” is posted to Google Play

I am glad to announce that app “Is it Kosher?” is posted to Google Play.

This app will help you to choose kosher products and drinks in any shop.
Just enter the name of the product and press Search, app will scan 9 kosher authorities databases for the kosher sertifications details.
Currenty following resources are available:
– OU Kosher
– OK Kosher
– London Beth Din Kashrut Division
– Montreal Kosher
– Mexico Kosher
– Kashruth Council of Canada
– South Africa Kosher
– South Africa Kosher Drinks
– Kosher Liquor List

Using BarCode scanner you will get the name of the products easily.
– you need to install BarCode scanner from Xzing
– not all products can be recognized by app.

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Those, who have not Android device to use this app, can use Is it Kosher web app

Special thanks to Ilja Band for an icon and rav Shmuel Kot for the idea of web app.

You can get your testing copy here
or using QR code reader

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