android: Simple Calendar View

Following requests to share code with Calendar View implementation, I managed to compile two projects.

Simple calendar view with only Gregorian
This implementation differs from this one in three main features:

  1. Implemented custom DateSlider from Codeus
  2. Progress indicator on Calendar view load
  3. dynamic week days display, instead of static image

Simple calendar view with Jewish Calendar and
Adding to above mentioned features, there are some more for Jewish date:

  1. HebrewDates class and Java Zmanim by KosherJava.
  2. Jewish Holidays are marked with red


  1. I don’t see a copyright notice or anything; what are the licensing terms? May I incorporate the calendar view into my zemanim application?

  2. Ron,
    I think it should be GPL licenced. Because all code, mashed up here is under GPL.
    What I did – gathered different codes and compiled them together.

  3. Ron,
    installed your Zmanim app.
    If you agree, then some suggestions:
    1. take a look on location detection, described here I am too lazy to input all the information about my location 😉
    2. Also take a look on the code of Zmanim app from Jay Gindin You can get the source from here and make Zmanim for various nusachim.
    3. As soon as you don’t have a widget in your app, you can allow to move it to SDCard. Not everyone has plenty of space on System drive.

    Good luck.

  4. Hi,
    I want to use your library in my app which is going to be used within an enterprise and will not be published as a free app in the marketplace. Can I go ahead and use it or are there any licensing conditions? Please let me know asap.


  5. Hello,
    As I know you can use it as a library in your app – i.e. without modifications.
    In this case you need not to distribute the code.

    but I am not a specialist in licensing aspects. check if you can use GPL and LGPL in your enterprise.

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