Android KSoap2 results serialization

In the previous post about working with WSDL on Android, I described mechanism, how to make a query.
Now I found a very good possibility how to interpret the obtained results.

This will be just an addition to the previous post.
Our responce xml will be in the following view:


InActive, envelope);
	       SoapObject result=(SoapObject)envelope.bodyIn;
	       Object resultObject =result.getProperty("result");
	       KvmSerializable ks = (KvmSerializable)resultObject;
           for (int i=0;i< ks.getPropertyCount();i++)
        	   Object subResultOject = ks.getProperty(i);
        	   KvmSerializable subKs = (KvmSerializable)subResultOject;
        	   String name = subKs.getProperty(0);
        	   String status = subKs.getProperty(1);

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