android: Formula One live timing app

My wife is a big fan of Formula One for lot of years already.
In previous years, she used live timing from site.
Since mobile devices in our family all are powered by Android, she asked me if I can make a small app for live timing.

As soon as official Formula 1 app costs about 25 euros, I decided to try to develop an app for the needs of my wife.

UPDATE: App is available on Android play
UPDATE #2: App is available only from this location
If you want to try it this Sunday 18th of March, get it from here


  1. Just checked this out, it doesnt come up with any lap data but the drivers are in the right right order.. also your data entry for new posts here is a bit messed up.. the data fields are above the title.. might just be in firefox?

  2. Paul,
    it took me huge time to get any data from a respectful source. This is not even Alpha version ;).
    Be patient. if this will work out, I will post it to market

  3. All good matey.. just thought id let you know.. will you be able to post it to market.. legally??
    Let me know if you need a hand testing or any graphics. would be glad to help.

  4. Paul, during testing on sunday race, I found a but. Will fix it on monday and repost it here.

  5. Cool, sorry i didnt get a chance to have a look at it during the race.. didnt get to watch it either 🙁 will have a look next weekend

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