Gluten free product web search engine

Just a month ago I released a huge project for “Is it kosher?” – web search app. And now it came time for Gluten free project. Here we go – web search engine for Gluten free products. Database contains more that 1 million products from different sources of information. It is possible to buy right… Continue reading Gluten free product web search engine

Go exercises: Maps

Exercise: Maps package main import ( “” “strings” ) func WordCount(s string) map[string]int { stringAr := strings.Fields(s) result := make(map[string]int) for i:=range stringAr { v :=result[stringAr[i]] result[stringAr[i]] = v+1 } return result } func main() { wc.Test(WordCount) }

Go exercises: Slices

GoLang tutorial has a task – Create slices for picture package main import ( “” ) func Pic(dx, dy int) [][]uint8 { result := make([][]uint8,dy) for i:=range result { innerS := make([]uint8, dx) for j := range innerS { switch { case i*j % 15 == 0: innerS[j] = 240 case i/j % 3 ==… Continue reading Go exercises: Slices

How to earn money in Internet?

About two months ago I asked myself this question. I spent December in work and experiments and now I have several answers to this question. Well, the time has come and I want to share the results of self-reflection and investigation of my own mistakes.