Jewish lumberjack - what to expect while searching Google?

Just realized, that the only thing, I need in my life is a lumberjack style tallit. You know, such in red-brown squares pattern.

Limmud FSU. London. 2017

Just came back from Limmud FSU, which took place this time in London. And would like to share some impressions from the event.

Backpack for a kosher developer

All my backpack ended their life not that good. In most cases they were old-aged grannies. No one of them, I desired to buy so badly. Maybe because none of them I bought myself. they came to my life as…

KosherDev goes to Kosherfest

Kosherdev is a small social start-up, which is fully developed in Estonia. Even though many people know where Estonia and how it is famous for some really cool start-ups (e.g. Skype, Trasferwise and Zeroturnaround), it is not that easy so…

Jewish Madeira

All my friends know, that we are trying to catch at least some part of the history of the place, we are coming, which is connected with Jewish life. So, Madeira was not an exclusion.