Internet connection on Ubuntu via HTC Desire

Since I’ve got unlimited Internet connection on my phone, I was thinking how to use this feature.
I looked for connecting my laptop to Internet, using my HTC Desire phone.

Actually, it was quite simple task to do.
1. Connect you phone via USB to your Ubuntu powered computer.
2. Your phone should ask to select, which type of USB connection to use
Select USB tethering. If your phone doesn’t ask you automatically on USB cable connection, go to Settings -> Connect to PC -> Default connection type. Select there USB tethering as default connection behavior.

3. Connection manager will show the following information about available connections. Just select Auto usb0 and that’s it.

If you want to see how ifconfig output looks like, see the following:

Here you are, since that moment, you can use your Internet connection via HTC Desire. I think that similarly, you can connect any Android based phone to your computer.