Formula One: further communication and results.

I got a response from a lawyer, who is responsible for the copyright issues from Formula One World Championship Limited (“FOWC”).

Formula One World Championship Limited (“FOWC”) has the exclusive right to commercially exploit the FIA Formula One World Championship (“the Championship”) including, but not limited to, all (a) moving images and other audio/video content (b) results and timing data; (c) trade mark applications and registrations throughout the world relating to the Championship, and owned by FOWC’s associated company, Formula One Licensing BV (“FOL”), including, without limitation, the trade marks, F1, FORMULA 1 and official logos; and (d) all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the same (“F1 Intellectual Property”).

Your App is offering/displaying:

– Formula One timing data. All copyright and database rights in such data vests with FOWC.

– “F1” in the banner title for your Web Site. Trademark rights in F1, FORMULA 1 and variations are vested in FOL by way of numerous trade mark registrations throughout the world.

Please immediately cease these infringements.

During further communication we came to agreement, that name of the app will be changed from “Open F1” to “Open Ф1”. Usage of Cyrillic letter Ф instead of F “certainly satisfies F1’s requirements”.

The problem still exists with Live Timing. And I am required to remove it from app even though it is obtained from third party sources.
So, I need some advice from copyright issues professionals.

Meanwhile, in the nearest time I am going to release new version of app to comply with the requirements.