Android: detect device slope

It took me several hours to find the best way of detecting device slope on Android. You Activity should contain the following code:

Note: this worked perfectly on phones in landscape layout. Tablets should be investigated additionally.

php XPath: case-insensitive text search on the page

Developing parsers for web app “Is it Kosher?“, I found pretty interesting way to parse the content of a html page.

In this case you will get all the TR tags, which child TDs contain a requested keyword. And…

Simple Luach reached 15K downloads

Simple Luach reached 15K downloads

    Meanwhile, Simple luach reached 15 thousand downloads and 8300 active users.

Android: communication between TabHost and it’s child

If you need to pass some data from TabHost to it’s child, you need to do the following: 1. Create public static child class variable and set it as current activity.

2. create public function with some action in…

WP: mutilple domains support for one site

If you have several domains and you want all of them to direct to one site, then add the following two lines to your wp-config.php file:

Answer to this issue I found in the thread Multiple Domains, One Site