"Is it Kosher?" reached 770

“Is it Kosher?” reached 770

Is it Kosher? app download number reached 770. Some of my friends would consider it symbolic. If you don’t have this app yet, get it here or using QR code reader You can get your Android app here or using…

Hate post for Google

This is really becomes annoying – the behaviour of the Empire of Goodness, a.k.a Google Inc. Google announced another turn of clean-up for APIs and services. The worst part for me personally is Google Reader: We launched Google Reader in…

Open F1 published in Google Play

Good news for fans. Get your copy of Open F1 app in Google Play Or use QR code reader

Open F1 - new season 2013

Open F1 – new season 2013

Guys, I got good news. reworked Open F1 app for Android is ready for new 2013 season. In some 2-3 days it will appear in Google Play. This will be announced additionally. Hope this time no problems will appear with…

android: Simple Luach usage statistics

android: Simple Luach usage statistics

Is is already passed half a year, since I started developing Jewish calendar app for Android “Simple Luach” Total downloads reached number 6756 (01.03.2013) and active users – 4033.