Jewish Developers Conference poll

Hello everybody, I would like to share with you an idea, I got long time ago, but visualized only now. I would like to settle a conference for developers, who develop apps, programs, websites etc. for Jewish needs. Tallinn is…

Waze make possible to track gas prices in Tallinn.

Waze make possible to track gas prices in Tallinn.

At last Waze brought gas tracking mechanism to Estonia. First, user can add prices on definite gas station if you in a range if 20-30 metres from station. Then you can find the cheapest price on your way.

Android: override default Back Button action in TabActivity

I found that it is impossible to override Back button action in TabActivity. You should do it in the hosted activities

“fishing over on the left side of the lake”

I love Last Man Standing. Hi. Mike Baxter here for Outdoor Man. Healthy competition. It’s frowned upon in certain parts of the world like North Korea, the teachers’ union but not here at Outdoor Man. We like healthy competition. We…