ssh port forward

Working from firewalled network is usual headache for a real hacker ;)
I am not hacker, but I need sometimes to reach some specific port out of my working network.
I found the following solution of my problem.
To make this dish, you need the following ingredients:
- out-of-your-network computer
- static IP on it. Or if firewall allows to reach Dynamic DNS, then DHPC address with Dynamic DNS setup is pretty enough.
- Linux on board and SSH installed.

Cooking process looks as following:

sudo ssh -L user@localhost

in this example: – IP address, you want to bind to. If you don’t want binding to any specific local addresses, just remove this IP and following semicolon. And the string will look as 23:
23 – port, where you are going to receive requests. This port should be allowed by your firewall. – remote host, where you want to reach to
9540 – remote host port, which is forbidden by your firewall rules.
user@localhost – local user, which will log-in to ssh session locally.

After connection, you will get a possibility to connect to your host port 23, as if it was remote host with port 9540
Note: root is needed if you map ports lower than 1024. is released

I am proud to announce that site is finally released. This is only start of succesful cooperation between our team and Centrālā Laboratorija (Central Laboratory) company. This stage was full of interesting challenges and solutions.

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